Nowadays, people have adapted to the rising technology of the world. In the past wherein the function of telephones and gaming consoles are different, it has now been combined today to become one form through any android or IOS supported gadgets. Because of this invention, more and more people are now using this device that is why there is also the rise of innovations in terms of android and IOS devices. From only calling and texting features in your telephones, and games in your gaming devices before, you can already enjoy all these entertainment using one device.



Because of the innovation of technology, people now seek for more. People aren't satisfied of what they have now. The moment that something is introduced in the market, they tend to shift from the old to the new one. That is why being a developer for applications and games in the IOS or android systems is really in demand.



But is there a qualification in becoming a mobile app developer? Anyone is welcome. If you know how to invent an app, you can already sell or offer your app. It is even a fact that more young developers create more interesting apps today.



Android development mobile applications are all about creativity. The more unique and interesting your application or game is, the more people are inclined and attracted to download your application. If you are a beginner, it is best that you offer your app for free. You need to test first if you have indeed created a masterpiece. If you can only identify the weak and strong spots of your app through feedbacks, then it will help you a lot. But where can you get it?



Two of the most popular services for apps are the Google Play and Apple for apple developer account. As a developer of app, all you need to do is have an account for either Google Play or Apple so that you can have access to the status of your apps. This way, you are able to access the feedback for the app you have offered since both Google Play and Apple have features to allow the users to comment and rate the apps they have downloaded and used. The rate will serve as your basis whether you have really created a masterpiece or not because only the users can tell whether they enjoyed the app or not at all. As for the feedback, it will either break or make you happy and inspire you, too.




Whether you are a pro or not, it is important to have your own account in both Google Play Developer Console or Apple account to gain more information. Begin your career now as an app developer.